New for 2019

Professional Tarot Readers Course
certificated IMPA

Using the Tarot Ethically, Professionally in the Context of Spiritual Coaching

This course is for those wishing to develop their skills and professional practice in Tarot Reading. The course really deals with the use of Tarot as a 'coaching tool' rather than what has been sometimes seen as 'fortune telling'.

It is anticipated that those wishing to attend this course are already familiar with the structure and content of the Tarot Deck.

The course will include:


Professional Practice and Ethics of Tarot 'Consultancy'.
Legal Considerations
Client Care and Confidentiality
Transpersonal Psychology
Transformation Readings


Active Listening
Using a 'reading framework' as a basis for transformational readings
Questioning NOT Telling
Putting the Ego aside in order to meet client needs rather than expectation


This course is delivered in line with IMPA guidelines
Certification will be given to those who...
Complete Coursework Assignments (Homework)
Submit the required number of Case Studies and Client Testimonials

International Metaphysocal Practioners Association

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Maintaining the Highest Possible Standards of Teaching & Learning
Alan Jones, as learning director, brings over 30 years experience in education and training to the development and delivery of courses with the School.

Sue Edwards brings 30 years of personal experience of delivering and supporting individuals in terms of their personal and emotional development

​​We are an Accredited Centre

Sue Edwards
Dr Alan Jones
The Penkaduch
  • Complementary Therapy  (IIHHT)
  • Suara Sound Sound Healer (CMA)
  • Reflexology (IIHHT)
  • Reiki II
  • Crytsal Healing (ACHO)
  • Aromatherapy (IIHHT)
  • Swedish Massage (IIHHT)
  • Celebrancy (FOIC)

Duchy Healers
Priestess of Kernow (Head of Order)
Fellowship of Isis

The “Penkhaduce” symbol, designed by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart using three common symbols : The Pentagram, the Ankh and the Caduceus and is the symbol of Wizardry employed by the Grey School of Wizardry. It has become widely known as a symbol of wizardry.

We are honoured to have Oberon’s blessing to incorporate this symbol in our school logo.
In a communication dated 4th February Oberon wrote :-
“Alan, I will be pleased to grant you permission to include my Penkhaduce symbol in the banner/logo design for your new Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick. Please keep me informed as your project develops. I maintain an Index of Magickal Schools, and I will want to include yours. Perhaps we could formalize a mutual relationship as “sister schools” as we have with WitchSchool..”

  • BSc(Hons)
  • PGCE
  • PhD 
  • NLP Trainer (NLPEA)
  • Hypnotherapy (IHF : IHA)
  • Aromatherapy (IHO)
  • Reiki III Master Teacher
  • Celebrancy (FOIC)

Reformed Druids Gaia (Arch Druid)
UK Reiki Federation
Spiritual Workers Association
NLP Association of Excellence
Society of Shamanic Practitioner
Fpundation for Shamanic Studies
Consciousness & Healing Initiative
Fellowship of Isis

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Our Mission
To support the spiritual and personal development of the individual by offering courses which empower, promote diversity and repsect religious freedoms.

To offer continued mentoring and support to all of those undertaking our courses during and for as long as required after the completion of any particular series of studies.

To adhere to a formal code of ethics and be answerable to the professional bodies to which be belong.

To work from the Hearth in order to bring services and information into the local community, challenging spiritual prejudice through proactive educational initiatives.